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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What The Fest

Late night from Jakarta. I am having a good time with my current favorite tv series titled Friends with Better Lives. It makes me laugh.

Anyway, 48 hours ago I and my basic mates went to We The Fest 2014, and it went great! That was my first summer concert with friends and i enjoyed it. The performances i enjoyed the most are Timeflies (Caleb is something different, you know) and Banks. Banks stole most of her audiences' heart. She stole mine, to be honest. Hehehehe. My favorite were Beggin For Thread and Brain, and oh This is What It Feels Like also succeeded grab my attention. I personally never heard about her before We The Fest, and Thank God I did. Maybe her voice sounds more like suiciding kind of voice, but she does have better taste of music. Anyway, i had only slight chance to watch Ellie Goulding, but she was mindblowing. I didn't enjoy her mellow songs, but her voice sounded exactly like the recording (that proved something, yes?). Oh i was very thrilled by the mini pop up store of Bobobobo. I bought Identite's drawstring transparent bag and it's very useful. The pop up store was crowded (thanks to free hair treatment) yet very efficient. Because it didn't take long time to be served there. They also offered delivery service so people there didn't need to bring things they bought. But i personally loved bringing the drawstring bag. It's cute. Tehehe*o*

As said, the concert went great and i mostly enjoyed it. Oh, and i currently love male singer name Dan Croll. I know nothing about him, what i understand is he's cute. ANYWAY, I should go to bed. If you're wondering did i really have fun at WTF, maybe you should scroll down to see my photos!

Irrelevant, but Dan Croll worths every random photo i post

i love when my hair stick together

my bindi was indestructible

before Ellie Goulding

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