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Thursday, April 17, 2014

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Since i have many times to post anything i like, i decided to tell you 25 things about me you don't know yet.

1. I have tendency talking to myself. I do it every time i have stories that i can not share with my friends.
2. I love spending time alone, just me and my mind.
3. I often think that my metaphor in my stories is too exaggerating and not common.
4. I am always sad. When i am not sad, i decide to hold it back, because i agreed to the theory when you laugh very hard, someone will punish you and makes you cry afterwards.
5. I love seaweed.
6. I think people often mistaken my attention. I only care to people who matters to me. That's all.
7. I obviously over think everything.
8. I decided to be single during my study at LaSalle because i just can not risk my future. I just cant.
9. Don't bae me.
10. I need guling when i sleep. I feel more save with it.
11. Sometimes i cry myself to sleep, because it's easier, tho.
12. My ideal weight is 48 kg.
13. I have trifophobia.
14. I hate chemistry and physic.
15. I don't like being mocked. (who does?)
16. I love guys in neat and clean shirt, sweaters, and wearing glasses.
17. I am nerd. (Isn't that obvious?)
18. I love wearing sweater.
19. I have tendency to collect notebooks.
20. Evita Nuh is my favorite kid. Ever.
21. I hate dentists.
22. I am a phlegmatic melancholic kind of person.
23. I love earl grey tea. It's so relaxing.
24. I am allergic to dusts.
25. I don't fancy coffee.

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