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Friday, April 4, 2014

Perfect Getaway

Last week my family and i went Jogja because there were days off and we wanted to have family holiday together (yeah, each of us been busy for months so we had to skip family holiday). Anyway, the holiday went great. I enjoyed every moment i had there because when i got back, i would face pile of assignments which what i am doing now. I don't have time talking about where i went or what i have visited, but what i realised is you need that kind of vacation, you know. I mean, go away somewhere doesnt hurt, it refreshes my mood somehow. I should do that another time.

And by the way i am currently listening to Rather Be from Clean Bandit. It is not only good for cardio but also great when you do your assignment. Just check it if somehow you're curious. And i just realised that kue cubit is delicious.


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