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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Story of The Day

Hi everyone! I am officially done with 5th semester and i do hope we all can pass. So i have much time to 'gelindingan' at home tomorrow, i will make worth of it. I have plan to dye my hair and i already chose the color, and i cant be more excited because this is my first time (yeay!). I dont want it to be typical actually. But i am afraid that it wont go well (hiks), so it's best not expecting too much. I also have a plan to go to Malang, eating my favorite gelato, chilling out, but i think i cant because i currently have project with friends and the schedule is on next week. Since it's not for assignment, i do it voluntarily and i want to enjoy this (i really hope that i can). The latest news is i am still single and not really happy, lol just kidding. I am happy but sometimes i feel lonely, tho. And for my blog banner, yup, i did change it and i am not listening to your complaints hehehe. I am just very indecisive and not usually making any call. I got confused. But i love this one, tho (I also said that to my previous banners).

My current favorite songs mostly come from Tulus. Maybe it's kind of late because he did not put this song either in his first or second album and this song makes me fall in love. 

Biarkan aku memelukmu, tanpa memelukmu
Mengagumimu dari jauh..

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